A Matter of Oaths republished!

Bloomsbury Caravel will be republishing my science-fiction novel, A Matter of Oaths, on 23 November 2017, and I love the introduction by Becky Chambers and the new cover art by Phil Beresford!

You can pre-order the ebook now at Amazon or Bloomsbury; there's also a print edition available at Bloomsbury.  If you've already got a copy, please pass the word to your friends.

A Question of Covers

I make no claim to be a visual artist; I prefer to make my pictures with words. However, books need covers to give a potential reader some clues about what lies inside.

The original UK edition of my book had a lovely cover illustration by John Higgins. As a piece of artwork, and an accurate indication of the kind of story inside, I was more than happy with it — or would have been if the man on the front had not been white.  By the time I saw it, it was too late to correct it; and from all I've read and heard since, I was lucky even to see the cover before the book hit the shelves.

The original US edition had a cover illustration by Martin Andrews (bottom right). I saw it for the first time when I received my author's copies and was distinctly underwhelmed.  Not only was the man on the cover white (with a grotesque case of five-o'clock shadow) but the woman was either some passing stranger introduced for decorative purposes or a very misleading representation of the primary female character.

The cover artwork on the new edition is so much closer to the story inside.