A Matter of Oaths cover

A Matter of Oaths

My science fiction novel, A Matter of Oaths, was published in the UK by Methuen in 1988, and in the USA by Warner Questar in 1990.  It has been out of print for oh these many years but is now available as a pdf file or in two formats (epub and mobi) suitable for e-readers.

If you enjoy the book please send your friends along to get their own copy.  If you enjoyed the story and wish to do so, you can also make a donation via PayPal (no account required).

A Question of Covers

I make no claim to be a visual artist; I prefer to make my pictures with words. However, books — at least the printed kind — need covers to give a potential reader some clues about what lies inside.

The UK edition of my book had a lovely cover illustration by John Higgins (click top right for a larger view).  As a piece of artwork, and an accurate indication of the kind of story inside, I was more than happy with it — or would have been if the man on the front had not been white.  By the time I saw it, it was too late to correct it; and from all I've read and heard since, I was lucky even to see the cover before the book hit the shelves.

The US edition had a cover illustration by Martin Andrews (bottom right). I saw it for the first time when I received my author's copies and was distinctly underwhelmed.  Not only was the man on the cover white (with a grotesque case of five-o'clock shadow) but the woman was either some passing stranger introduced for decorative purposes or a very misleading representation of the primary female character.

The cover that you get with the online version is neither of these, but a much simpler one that I've put together myself, based on an original drawing by Evelyn Thomas.  It may not tell you much about the content of the book, but it doesn't tell you any lies either.

A Matter of Oaths cover
A Matter of Oaths cover